Month: December 2014

Shoretel Voicemail notification setup

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There are several ways to enable voicemail notifications via email in Shoretel.

Here are the things you will have to set on the user profiles:

1.  In Shoreware Director, Administration, Users, Individual Users; on each of the user profiles, specify the user’s email address in the General Tab.

2.  Under the General tab, click the link for ‘Escalation Profiles and Other Mailbox Options’ and specify the user’s email address and ‘Deliver Message as Email’ option.

Here are the settings for the server:

1.  Under Voicemail, Options; specify the ‘From Address for Email Notifications’

2.  If you are using a Voicemail switch, go to Sites and open your Headquarters Site.  And then specify the SMTP relay which is your Exchange server address or your smart host.

3.  If you are using your Shoretel server for voicemails, login to your server and open IIS6.0.  Expand your server and right click on SMTP Virtual Server and select Properties.  Under the Delivery tab, click Advanced and enter your Exchanger server or Smart Host address under Smart Host.  You will have to restart IIS after making the changes.  The voicemails will be saved in the queue folder under C:\inetpub\mailroot as they are being sent.