Windows 8

How to enable deduplication in Windows 8

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1. Download the package from the link and extract it in ‘C:\windows\system32’ folder

2. Run this command on elevated rights, this will add the package under ‘Programs and Features’ dism /online /add-package / / / / / / dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:Dedup-Core /all

3. Next step is to enable Deduplication on a volume, by running an elevated Powershell Enable-DedupVolume <Drive Letter>

4. To return a list of volumes that have been enabled for data deduplication Get-dedupvolume | format-list

5. To start a dedup job Start-DedubJob -Volume <Drive Letter> -Type Optimization

6. You can query the progress of the job on the volume by using the ‘Get-DedupJob’ cmdlet

7. To check the status of deduplication, run the cmdlet ‘Update-DedupStatus <volume name>’