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“Assign Policy” option missing for Outlook users.

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I have always wondered why I was the only one in my whole organization that has the option ‘Assign Policy’ in Outlook.  I am the Exchange Engineer and administrator, but I don’t remember giving myself exclusive permissions.  Searching online also did not give me what I was looking for.


If you are like me, who searched online and did not find any answers.  Here is how I fixed this issue for regular users.

I am using Exchange 2013, to allow your users to assign their own policies, follow the steps below

  1. Login to Exchange Admin Center (EAC)
  2. Go to Permissions > User Roles and modify your default Role Assignment Policy, or whichever policy is assigned to your users.
  3. Check the box for ‘MyRetentionPolicies’ and that should give users permissions they are missing.



How to apply a retention policy to all mailboxes

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To apply the Retention Policy to all mailboxes:

Get-Mailbox | Set-Mailbox -RetentionPolicy “name of policy”


To verify which mailboxes the policy was applied to:

Get-Mailbox -Resultsize Unlimited | select Alias, RetentionPolicy


To run the policy manually:

Start-ManagedFolderAsssistant or Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -identity “user”


To apply policy on non-default folders like Inbox, Sent and Deleted items:

Create a new Retention Policy Tag for “All other folders in the mailbox”.  Just a word of caution, this policy will also be applied to NOTES and CALENDAR items.  If you do not wish to include these items, you can create a separate policy for these items and set to ‘Disable this tag (items are never expired, moved or deleted).