How to create a list of servers to be managed in SSMS

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Most of the time when you try to connect to SQL servers, you often have to connect and enter in the name of the server/instance or you have to click on the drop down to show the previous server you have connected to.  That works for me most of the time, but I am going to show you how to add those servers in such a way that you can easily connect to them by just clicking on the server name.  And you can even setup different types of authentication used and connection properties.

First, you have to open SSMS and select View, then Registered Servers.  And then you can add connections to the servers and instances via the roles assigned on your SQL server.


Select the ‘Database Engine’ icon if you would like to connect to the main database, right-click and select ‘New Server Registration’.   And setup the server connection properties.



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