Common issues with Akcelerant and how to fix it.

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We are using Akcelerant for collections purposes and during the course of administering this application, I have compiled a couple of issues and fixes.

Here are the common issues and fixes I have found:

1.  reseapp.asp won’t complete the process

– check and make sure that the global.asa, resetapp.asp and web.config has the correct value set.  Most of the upgrades wipe the connection string on these files.  These files are under ..\website, application\exe.

The value should look like value=”Server=<dbserver>;Database=<dbname>;UID=<sqluser>;PWD=<sqlpassword>”

– Under the application pool in IIS, make sure to assign the identity to the service account you have created

– Under the Basic Settings of the default website, assign the service account to connect to the path.  Click ‘Test Settings’ after setting up the service account to confirm it works.

– Check Component Services in MMC and check the Akcelerant COM+ object and make sure that it is using the same identity as the application pool.

2.  The home page does not show a login screen

– make sure that the web.config file does not have an entry for ‘Provider=SQLOLEDB’


I have more troubleshooting steps for reporting servers, and I will add them here shortly…


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